Developer Tools

We've created a small collection of online tools for developers to make our lives a little easier, and keep a curated one-stop resource for the things we do every day.

Feel free to use and share these resources at your leisure.

Browser information
Display my ip address and browser information.
Encryption Test Tool
Encrypt a string, and back again.
Password Generation Tool
Generate a cryptographically secure random password right in your browser.
Password Test Meter
How strong is your password? Test different combinations of characters to see the effect on the strength of your password.
PBKDF2 Password
PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function) hashing calculator.
Random Generator
Generate strong random strings as a basis for passwords or encryption seeds/salts.
Hash Algorithms
Calculate the hash of any string using more than 40 different Hashing Algorithms.
URL Decoder/Encoder
Online URL Decoder/Encoder. Decode obfulscated url data.
Base64 Encoder/Decoder
URL and Base64 Encoding and decoding. Decode and save base64 encoded file data.
JavaScript Obfuscator
Compress, encode, obfuscate and protect your JavaScript source-code.
CSS Minifier
Compress, your CSS Stylesheets.
A chart for developers describing the lower and higher order ASCII characters and their corresponding numeric values.
File/Byte Size Converter
Convert the size of a file into various formats (Bytes/KB/MB/GB etc.).
Numeric Converter
Convert decimal numbers to Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal and Roman.
GUID Generator
Generate valid GUID strings based on RFC 4122.