Ad-Reveal for Chrome and Firefox

Ad-Reveal for Chrome and Firefox

The new Ad Reveal browser extension for Chrome and Firefox has been officially released.

You can find it now on the add-on stores for Firefox:
and chrome:

The first few versions will remain quite simple with hard-coded inline/disguised/native advertising post highlighting and low-lighting. Promotional posts will be marked with a red side-bar and an icon indicating Ad Reveal has detected promotional or sponsored material, and fade the content into the background slightly.

Currently works with: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Ebay, and Google search, and there will be many more to follow.

Coming soon will be the ability to enable/disable the extension for individual domains, customize the extensions visual effect for individual domains (colors, fade effect etc.), as well as the ability for advanced users to add custom selectors to highlight their own advertisements not covered by the built-in site gallery.

Additional sites on the radar for the next version:

  • Feedly
  • Product Hunt

Stay Tuned.